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World Camp

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Woman in black shirt helping young boy in blue shirt cut red paper.
Woman in white and black dress smiling with two boys while they write.

Join a dynamic and multicultural team of talented teachers, instructors and camp counselors this summer at World Camp!

In addition to their own teachers and staff, World Camp schools welcome every year language teachers from other local schools, but also from other states and countries. We do not sponsor work visas for summer positions only, but if you are eligible to work in the United States this summer, passionate about teaching languages, creative, fun and highly energetic, and up for an unforgettable summer adventure, we want to hear from you. 

Applications are accepted for Arabic, French, German, Italian and Mandarin teachers. World Camp teachers must be native speakers or have achieved a high level of fluency in the language of their camp.

Support finding housing options will be provided when possible.


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Group of students in costumes gather around a woman in black shirt behind phone camera on black tripod.
A man in blue shirt and student in white sit at a table painting with orange paint.
Women in a tan scarf and green shirt holding up eight fingers to a student.
Two boys, one in red and one in blue, paint at a wooden table with their teacher who is wearing black and white plaid.
A group of world campers sit on blue bus seats with their teachers, one between them and one on the seat in front of them.
Two young students, one in green and one in blue polka dots, eat cupcakes with white icing at a red table.
Two camp counselors, one in white with red sunglasses and one in black, sit on a blue see saw at the park.