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World Camp

Our Partners

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World Camp is organized and hosted by Lycée Francais de Chicago. We welcome students from about 100 local and international schools. Our language immersion camps in Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese welcome speakers of all levels of fluency. These camps are taught by international schools and organizations specialized in language acquisition. The quality of our teachers and the expertise of our schools is what makes us truly unique.


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Arabic Arts & Culture 

This World Camp program is run by LFC in partnership with the Arabic speaking parent community of Lycee Francais. Camps are taught by experienced native Arabic teachers and focus on standard Arabic. These camps are the perfect setting for children to learn Arabic and explore the rich culture of the Arabic world in a fun and interactive environment. Through various partnerships, LFC has been offering camps in Arabic since 2011. 

Contact: Sahar Mawlawi,



ChinaFriends teaches Mandarin Chinese to children 18 months and up as well as adults. Explore China provides our campers age 4-10 with a foundation for future learning and cultivates long-term interest in the language, culture and traditions of China. LFC’s summer partnership with ChinaFriends started in 2009.

Contact: Zhaoyi Liu,



German International School Chicago (GISC)

 GISC is a pre-K through 8th grade full-time school that provides students with a rigorous world-class German/English dual-language education and prepares students to become well-rounded, creative, and responsible global citizens. GISC and LFC's summer partnership dates back from summer 2008, and generations of campers have now experienced the fun of our camps. 

Contact: Christiane Tacke,



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Lycée Français de Chicago

The Lycée Français de Chicago (LFC) has been providing a world-class education to American and international students since 1995. Beginning in pre-K and continuing through grade 12, our students thrive in a unique multicultural, dual-language learning environment where instruction is provided in French and English.

Contact: Jacques Fournier, 




Scuola Italiana Enrico Fermi

Scuola Italiana Enrico Fermi (SIEF) is the first Italian-American international school in the greater Chicago area, currently offering preschool and Kindergarten programs as well as Community Enrichment Classes in Italian language and culture for infants through 8 year-olds. SIEF brings their Reggio Emilia Inspired approach to World Camp, combining the Italian language and culture to bring a unique educational experience to our campers. LFC’s summer partnership with SIEF started in 2016. 

Contact: Amy Ewaldt ( or Megan Rensing (info@siefchicago)



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