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This program and the large choice of activities it provides for all primary school students is a great option for families looking for entertaining and smart educational activities for their children.


The early morning schedule for these classes is also meant to allow traveling families that may be in Europe this summer to keep their child practice English and connected with the language in just 60 minutes a day. You are just one click and one daily hour away from getting this done. Details of proposed activities will be published here soon.

Our "My Daily hour" series offer one hour of fun, daily activities in French, English, Italian and Mandarin. These classes are offered at different times of the day. Select the language of your choice, or combine them to add fun to your day and expand your world.

  • Ages 4-5 & 6-10*

  • ​One hour daily, 8-10am

  • $125/week

*As of 12/31/2020


Five days, five super fun and educational 30-minute sessions packed with eye opening experiments and fun activities.

Day 1: Exploring our senses: - Taste and Smell

Day 2: Exploring our senses: - Hearing

Day 3: Exploring our Senses: Vision and Touch

Day 4: Animals, big and small

Day 5: Animals, big and small

  • June 15-19

  • 9am-9:30am

  • Age 4-5

  • $100 for the full week

Read two fun, great stories in English, and meet twice a week for one hour with your friends around lunch or dinner to discuss your read. Discover fun literary games and come up with your own literary challenges.

The first book will be selected and ordered by the teacher prior to the start of camp; During the first week, students will get to pick the second book out of a list of pre-selected book proposed by club teacher.

A similar book club is also offered in French on different days, should you want to double your reading challenge.

Cost of program includes 8 hours of book club, two books with shipping,  and a group field trip to Margie's for ice cream in the Fall on in the Spring. 

  • Age 7-15, divided per age group

  • July 6-29

  • Mondays and Wednesdays

  • 12-1pm in Chicago; 7-8pm in Europe

  • $150.00 - Books, shipping and ice cream included

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Assistant: Sarah Whalen

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