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Camp Activities

Young children wearing matching yellow shirts with blue globes enter a yellow school bus.
Two young boys touch their head as they play a classroom game

World Camp Activities

An International Experience

Each of our language partners prepare fun, immersive activities to make the most of your child's experience at World Camp.

Covering topics such as Performing Arts, Sports, Cooking, STEAM, Chess and more, each activity created by our partners provide World Campers with a range of language learning opportunities. Combined with outdoor water games and gardening, World Camp strives to expand your child's horizons and make the most of their summer vacation. 


Two students look over a map of the world, which is etched onto a yellow background

Field Trips Day

Explore the City, Explore the World

Every Tuesday, World Campers explore the city and the Chicagoland area through field trips to farms, zoos, gardens, museums, water parks and more. Campers explore a different area of the city, alternating locations each Tuesday to ensure fun and safe field trips for everyone. All campers will also have the opportunity to visit a local waterpark once per session for an afternoon of fun, in addition to Friday beach days.  

With over 15 years of experience and teams of trained professionals, these outings provide a safe, fun opportunity for exploration across Chicago.

Two girls, one in blue and one in yellow, play in a blue pool on a sunny day.

Water Park Days

A Summer of Fun

During each session, all World Campers will visit a local water park at least once as part of their Field Trip day. With slides, pools and water games, this outing provides supervised summer fun to each student. 

The water park includes trained lifeguards, in addition to our World Camp staff, to ensure a safe experience for all campers. 




Children on a sunny day at the beach. They are standing in water and wearing multicolored swimsuits.

Beach Day BBQs

In addition to Festival Days, every Friday World Camp students take part in a Beach Day field trip followed by a BBQ picnic. This experience allows campers to continue building bridges, form new friendships and explore the city.

This 15-year tradition is a favorite among World Campers, providing them a safe, fun field trip with experienced professionals.



A young boy in red and white bandana lifts up his arms to wave to a crowd

Festival Days at World Camp

To build bridges between campers, languages and cultures, a camp wide festival is organized at the end of each session. Taking place on the last Thursday of each session (July 3, July 25, August 15), each student has the opportunity to showcase their camp accomplishment. Activities include musical or theatre performances, art showcases and more.

Festival Days allow students to expand their horizons not only through language, but through new cultural discoveries. Centered around our World Camp Theme of the Year and uniting students, Festival Days offer an exciting end to every camper's World Camp journey.

Sunny blue sky with white clouds over a blue pool where children play.
Students in matching yellow shirts with blue globes stand in front of a pond in the sun.
Middle school students sit on orange benches while on a Chicago boat tour.
Young students in matching blue shirts stand with a pilot in front of white and blue United airplane.
Group of students walking across wooden boardwalk with city in background.
Group of young students in matching blue shirts with blue globes stand on a wooden fencepost.
Two girls with pink and yellow buckets sit in the water and sand at beach.
Young students wearing hats and matching orange shirts stand in front of green map.
Three students in matching blue shirts roll down green grassy hill.
Students in matching blue shirts sit on a red train at the zoo.
Six girls in matching blue shirts stand in front of greenery inside greenhouse.
Group of students standing in grass in front of greenhouse on a sunny day.