Camps in French

Keeping connection with the French language during summer helps when back-to-school comes around. You are just one click away from getting this done with a limited time commitment of just 60 minutes a day. 

Add French to your daily summer routine, and have something fun to look forward to each day. ​Details regarding activities offered will be posted here soon.

Our "My Daily hour of..." series offer one hour of fun, daily activities in French, English, Italian and Mandarin. These classes are offered at different times of the day. Select the language of your choice, or combine them to add fun to your day and expand your world.

  • June 22-July 31

  • Six one-week camps

  • ​One hour daily, 10am-1pm

  • Ages 4-5 & 6-8*

  • $125/week

  • 1/5 student teacher ratio

*As of 12/31/2020

We have partnered with Brain Chase to provide an entertaining, engaging & educational camp that will keep campers raring to come back!

Cooperate in French with your friends and see if you have what it takes to crack the code and solve the case?  

Please watch the video below (coming soon) to learn more about these exciting camps. 

  • June 22-26: La tombe de Nefertiti

  • June 29-July 3: La Reine d'Ivoire

  • July 6-10: Prisonnier du Smithsonian

  • July 13-17: L'épée d'Agamemnon

  • July 20-24: Prisonnier de la bibliothèque

  • July 27-31: Pris au piege de l'Everest

  • *​Ages 8-10 & 11-14

  • M - F, 9am-12pm - Escape rooms

  • M - F, 1pm-3pm - Personal project

  • $250/week - Afternoon optional & free

*age as of 12/31/2020


In this camp, we’ll work towards learning techniques to improv in French and create our own live show: the Friday Day Live!

From character building to set designing, from costumes to muppets, from storytelling to making people laugh, unleash your imagination, think on your feet and surprise yourself!

A typical day will be built around three synchronous workshops and one independent activity.

  •  9-10am : telling stories

  • 10- 11am  object work

  • 13- 14pm – design a story with Pixton

  • 14 – 15am – act in your story / improv

Where your imagination will take you is hard to predict! Last year, campers created and resolved "Le mystere de la momie" (see video below). But what will happen this year during the Friday Day Live? 

  • Ages 6-10*

  • June 15-19

  • 9am-3pm

  • $250/week

*age as of 12/31/2020

From script to screen in three weeks

This online filmmaking camp for youth ages 13-18 offers a fun and interesting peek into filmmaking. In this three-week program, campers will write, film and edit their own stories and gain hands-on experience crafting personal and compelling film projects under the guidance of an award-winning filmmaker.
This all-encompassing filmmaking camp will teach students a wide range of skills including: screen-writing fundamentals, creating shot-lists, setting up camera framing and angles, editing and sound design, through virtual group class and one-on-one sessions. Campers can work collaboratively or alone while completing all stages of the filmmaking process from pre-production to post-production. This filmmaking camp aims to ignite and foster camper's creative and collaborative skills.
Class will be held in French. Once you register for the class, you will receive an email each day with a link to access the online classroom or one on one session via Zoom. Having a short film idea is preferred when joining the class but not requested.

  • July 6-24

  • ​Ages 13-15 & 16-18*

  • M-F, 2 hours of daily morning instruction

  • Daily feedback on personal project

  • $495 for the full three weeks

  • Up to 6 students per group. 

*As of 12/31/2020​​

Technical requirements:
- Students Should be proficient with smartphones and computers, and have access to the internet to view video and upload their writing and video material.
- Access to a phone camera is required.
- Students will need to install the Zoom app as well as a video recording app and a video editing app on their computer or smartphone which will be specified during class. No account is required.

Read two fun, great stories in French, and meet twice a week for one hour with your friends around lunch or dinner to discuss your read. Discover fun literary games and come up with your own literary challenges.

This club will be run by LFC All-star teacher Estelle Fisher for students 10 and up. The first book that we will read together is:

  • La boutique extraordinaire de Nicodème, tome 1 - Le tombeau de pharaon, Nathalie Somers (fantasy)


During the first week of the book club, students will select one of the following three books as our second read for the month of July:


  • Yacouba, chasseur africain, Ahmadou Kourouma (société)

  • Un voisin étrange, Florian Dennisson (roman policier)

  • La guerre des livres, Alain Grousset (science fiction)


Cost of program includes 8 hours of book club, two books with shipping,  and a group field trip to Margie's for ice cream in the Fall or Spring. 

  • Age 8-15, divided per age group

  • July 7-30

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 12-1pm in Chicago; 7-8pm in Europe

  • $150.00 - Books, shipping and ice cream included

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